Smoke Free Campaign with Lawyers, Kishoregonj


No- 10, Smoke Free Campaign in Law Association, Kishoregonj

Organized by              : NATAB, Health Administration of Sadar, Kishoregonj district  and Law Associatio Title of the program    : Demanding implementation of Tobacco control law in Public places and transports effectively                                                                                                                                      Campaign Area           : Law Association, Kishoregonj                                                                            Date                            : 19 September, 2015.

Campaigner :

  1. Adv. Shah Azizul Haque, President,Law Association, Kishoregonj.
  2. Md. Humayun Kabir, RMO, Upazilla Health Complex, Keranigonj
  3. Sohel Miah, Field Officer,NATAB,Kishoregonj.
  4. 30 Lawyers from Law Association of Kishoregonj

Activity & Output:

  1. Speakers spoke on the occasion highlighting the needs and importance of Tobacco Control Law Implementation.
  2. Teachers will disseminate the messages harms of tobacco among the inmates  and students in their jurisdiction
  3. NATAB anti-tobacco leaflet were distributed

Law Association gave commitment to keep their institutions as smoke free


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