Report on Local Print & Electronics Media Meetings at Dhaka


Report on Local Print & Electronics Media Meetings at Dhaka

To Combat the serious evil moves of Tobacco Companies major anti-tobacco forums through a Press Conference sought intervention of Hon’able Health Minister

Press Conference of Anti-tobacco organizations

Bangladesh is the first signatory of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), but still behind to bring out the Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco products pack. Particularly, the multinational tobacco companies wanted to continue to make addiction towards the deadly tobacco use, so they are creating conspiracy not to give Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco products pack. Anti-tobacco organizations gave thanks for strong support of Honorable Health Minister to protect the clever tricks of tobacco companies.

To adopt Pictorial Warnings on tobacco packets and to stop conspiracy of Tobacco Companies, anti-tobacco activists gave strong support. On 6th January, 2016 NATAB, WBB Trust and Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance organized a Press Conference in VIP Lounge of National Press Club, Dhaka. Mr. Mozaffar Hossain Paltu, Senior Vice President, NATAB presided the Press Conference.

Mr. Saifuddin Ahmed, Coordinator, Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance; Advocate Mahbubul Alam, Technical Adviser, The Union; Mr. Ibnul Syed Rana, Chairman, Nirapad Development Foundation; Mr. Helal Ahmed, Secretary General, Pratyasha Anti Drug Organization ; Mr. Rafiqul Islam Milon, Executive Director, Manabik spoke in the event on the above issues of Tobacco Control . Mr. Mohammad Kamaluddin, Executive Director, NATAB read out the key note paper and Mr Aminul Islam Sujan, Executive Secretary of Samashsar, a publication of BATA moderated the event. Also, Mr. Aminul Islam Bakul, Executive Director, AID; Mr. Khair Uddin Ahmed Mukul, Acting Secretary General, NATAB and Advocate Mahbubul Alam, Chairman, BADSHAH were present

Mr. Mozaffar Hossain Paltu said that Bangladesh has the international commitment to control Tobacco and also the current government has the political commitment on this issue. To protect the people from deadly tobacco, Honorable Prime Minister is very adamant. Honorable Health Minister took initiative and enacts the Rules of Smoking and Tobacco Usage (Control) act 2005. For continuous movement of Tobacco control activities of the government, we should protect the conspiracies of Tobacco Companies. We are always with the Honorable Health Minister and Ministry to stop audacity of Tobacco Companies. Honorable Health Minister Mr. Mohammad Nasim announced that non-smokers are eligible to take admission in Medical Colleges, which is the most admirable to all, he added. To defend conspiracies of clever Tobacco Companies, Honorable Health Minister should be strong – requested Anti-tobacco Activists.

Mr. Saifuddin Ahmed said that Nepal ratified FCTC and enacts Tobacco Control act after 3 years and 6 years respectively after Bangladesh, but they introduces 90% Pictorial Health Warnings on tobacco packets. Bangladesh is still out of introducing Pictorial Health Warnings on tobacco packets. After 11 years, from 19 March 2016 tobacco Companies should print Pictorial Health Warnings, according to the law, but the tobacco companies take the path of delay not to do so on time. So, we have to take initiative to stop their heinous approach, he added.

Advocvate Syed Mahbul Alam said that Government enacted the law to impede activities of Tobacco Companies. This law is to improve the Health measures of the people not to give shelter of the illegal activities of Tobacco Companies.

Mr. Aminul Islam Sujan said that tobacco Companies take the path of conspiracy no to print Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Products Packet on time. About 80 Countries provided Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Products Packet.

Mr. Kamal Uddin in his key note paper said that use Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Products Packet is a proved path to control Tobacco uses. Australia, Canada, Norway, Uruguay and Nepal use Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Products Packet 80-90% areas, tobacco uses gradually decreases in these countries day by day. When the government took initiative to introduce Pictorial Health Warnings on Tobacco Product Packets.

The Press conference is well attended and local print and electronic media had covered this event proper significance.

Date & Time : 05th January, 2016
Venue : VIP Launce, National Press Club, Dhaka.
Presided By : Mr.Md. Mozaffar Hossain Paltu, President , NATAB, Dhaka.



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