Election 2017-2019


Election 2017-19

BCCM Membership Renewal 2016

Country Coordinating Mechanisms: CCMs are partnerships consisting of representatives from both the public and civil society sectors who coordinate the submission of one national proposal on the basis of priority needs. In addition, CCMs are responsible for overseeing the progress of program implementation.  The CCM is a central pillar of the Global Fund’s architecture to ensure country-driven, coordinated, and multi-sectoral processes for leveraging and effecting additional resources to fight AIDS, TB and malaria.

The Bangladesh Country Coordinating Mechanism (BCCM) consists of 33 members, with representation from both the public and private sectors, including government, multilateral or bilateral agencies, non-governmental organizations, academics, private sector, key affected populations (KAP) and people living with the diseases (PLWD).

For each grant, the Country Coordinating Mechanism nominates one or more public or private organizations to serve as Principal Recipients.  In addition, it is responsible for overseeing the implementation of all Global Fund grants.

 Person Living With Diseases (PLWD)

This cohort of people may include persons living with disease (Tuberculosis), their spouses and even their children. PLWD also include persons previously infected by tuberculosis. Constituencies of PLWD select members of their constituency to serve on the CCM according to the procedures that the constituency has established for this purpose. In the absence of an organized or legally recognized organizations or umbrella network, CCM may accept representatives of these constituencies on a case-to -case basis.

The Global Fund (GF) suggests in their guidelines to ensure fair and proper CCM membership renewal through election or selection of the members and their alternates:

Ø Election process. Members of the CCM are elected through a fair, transparent and democratic process that is properly documented in compliance with the CCM’s regulations.

Ø Alternate Members. During election and selection of each CCM member, the electing or selecting organization or sector elects or selects an alternative member for that CCM member. The alternate member represents the same constituency or sector and may represent the same organization as the CCM member. The alternate takes part in the operations of the CCM in the absence of the CCM member.

 Election 2017-19

Criteria for voting membership of PLWD constituency – TB

 The network/group must be operational for a minimum of 3 years and have work experiences in the health sector in particular TB and involved with the health sector program.

 Represent umbrella group /network/broad constituency.

 Proven track record of active participation in TB initiatives.

 Represent interest and concern of TB populations from across the country.

 The group has specified service areas.

 The network/group/individuals have ability and mechanism to coordinate within the sector as well as capable of informing the network/constituency members within the constituencies and ensuring their decision and participation for the CCM processes.

Criteria for candidate for election of PLWD constituency – TB

 Has leadership role within the network/association/group.

 Proven experience and expertise in the health sector – particularly in the TB program.

 Proven track record of active participation within the network or group.

 Access to communication channels/network for disease program.

 Represents constituency/sector and able to report back.

 Willingness to contribute and commit time to CCM activities.

 Member to represent the interest of their entire constituency, and not those of their own individual self or organization.

 Of the 3 PLWD seats, maximum of 1 seat may come from Global Fund grant recipient.


Election 2017-19 

Constituency Election Activities

Activity Timeline

Registration Opening date                                                                               [26 September 2016]

Closing date for online registration and candidature:                                       [1 October 2016]

Final date for scrutiny of candidature                                                               [2 October 2016]

Publishing of final list of voters and candidates                                                [3 October 2016]

Period for coordinating among constituency members &

acquiring Voting No.                                                                                        [5 October 2016]

Election                                                                                                           [9 October 2016]

Announcement of provisional results                                                              [9 October 2016]

Re-election, in case of organizations scoring equal votes                              [11 October 2016]

Submit supporting documentation of election

To BCCM Secretariat                                                                                      [12 October 2016]

Announcement of the successful candidates                                                  [13 October 2016]

(Election Commission)

For further clarification Please contact Dr. Md. Ibrahim Rahman, Project Coordinator, Phone: 01552454530, E-mail: natabbd@gmail.com

Candidate and Voter can send their registration form with relevant documents (hard copies) on or before

1st October 2016 to address mentioned below:


Election will be held in NATAB HEAD OFFICE on 9th October 2016 from 10:00am to 4:00pm


Election Commission


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