About us

A group of young health professionals formed the National Anti Tuberculosis Association of Bangladesh, NATAB. Based in Sylhet, as the remnant of Assam TB Association of India, it started its function in 1948. It recognized the need for improved services for people affected by Tuberculosis. At a time when TB services was non-existent in Bangladesh (in the then East Pakistan), NATAB stated its function as a technical service providing agency focusing on Treatment of TB patient. It faced the common perception that TB had no cure once contracted and the patients were stigmatized in the society.
NATAB has grown from a small local organization working in one or two places in Bangladesh in 1948, to its status as a national organization with branches in all 64 districts of Bangladesh with nearly 100 staff and 4500 volunteers.

Make Bangladesh a country free from TB and other infectious diseases with particular importance to Lung and Chest Diseases.

NATAB aims to establish an enabling environment for people of Bangladesh to access to treatment of Tuberculosis through community participation, advocacy with policy maker, sensitizing media, promoting accountability service providers and establishing it as a right to life after getting TB.